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FREE 5 Steps to Connect to Your Intuition & Empower Yourself

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Beautiful soul to remembering who you really are.

Your soul is calling you to realign, believe in yourself and awaken your intuition. So that you can connect with the REAL YOU.

It’s time to get empowered and align yourself to your soul purpose and shine your light.

If you are ready to ditch the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are shying you away from connecting to the powerful soul that you are, then you are in the right place.

Over time, including many lifetimes, experiences have conditioned you to shut down your intuition, knowing and heart. Shadowing you from your greatest truth and potential. As a result you have hidden your light from yourself and others.

But not anymore! It is time to love and believe in yourself, awaken your gifts and talents and become your true authentic self.

I am here to help you re-awaken so that you can fulfil your greatest potential. Are you ready to connect to your inner light and listen to the heart of your soul?

I help women to reconnect to their inner power, intuition and true self. To create self-care, love and confidence, to create the life they dream of.

I guide these beautiful souls to re-align to their purpose and heart, to get back into the driver’s seat of their life, having the energy and knowing that they can.


Choose Your Journey

Connect with Your Soul
Change Your Life

Enlighten Your Way with Guidance
from Your Soul

Get Empowered
Discover Who You Really Are

“Learning to love and value yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Connecting to your soul essence and discovering who you really are, changes your life. Going within and connecting back to your true self and intuition, empowers you to live your dreams. It is time for you to create freedom for yourself and shine your light into the world.”

~Melissa Haymes

I Feel Free

I feel wonderful after my Past Life Regression. So many things make sense now. 24hrs later and my anxiety has already started to shift and in its place I can feel happiness – a sense of joy and enthusiasm for life that I haven’t felt in such a long time. For the first time I am truly excited to see where the future takes me. My favourite part of my Past Life Regression was the releasing of all the pain and negative emotions that I have been carrying around my whole life. I feel free. Melissa made me feel very comfortable and was spot-on with what she said to me. I am so grateful for her holding space for me to heal and for guiding me through the process.

– Jayme Youd

Aligned & Connected

Thank you, Melissa, for your professionalism, intuitive insight and caring manner. My life just got a whole lot better! I’ve noticed a stronger connection with my self this week, spiritual doubt gone, greater authority in claiming my ‘knowing’. My human self-has felt much more in alignment with the deeper Self – clearer, more forgiveness, more energy, more positive and assertive with others if needed. The session has been a great help! Thank you so much.

– James Hand

Life Changing!

I visited Melissa to find out more about more about my personality and to attempt to join the dots by visiting one of my past lives to be healed and finally find some peace. What I found was not only life changing, it was a tremendously positive experience which will impact my life significantly into the future. I felt very comfortable with Melissa. She facilitated the session fantastically with professionalism, and she helped me feel very at ease for my first regression accessing my soul. I will be certainly visiting Melissa again to continue on this journey of self-discovery and peace – Highly recommended! – Thanks Melissa

– Christian

Blown Away!

I went to see Melissa for a hypnotherapy and past life regression session and came out just blown away with the information gained and how it all unfolded. Melissa is very gifted and experienced at what she does and does so in a loving, safe environment. It has helped me to have more faith and belief in myself and to trust my intuition.

– Katie Lathbury

Blew My Mind!

I had a quantum consciousness session with Melissa recently. I didn’t know what to expect in the session but went in with an open heart. What happened during the session blew my mind. I received clarification about what I have been feeling I needed to do but haven’t been doing. The session confirmed and reiterated what I had to do. I also received a beautiful healing and felt lots of positive energy during the session. It was really beautiful and something I will remember always.

– Sharan Jassal

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FREE 5 Steps to Connect to Your Intuition & Empower Yourself

Includes FREE Meditation. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates & tips & get instant access to your FREE guide! (We take your privacy seriously, see our privacy policy)