You know I wasn't always guided by my intuition. So I would go on an endless search of finding ways of knowing what to do!

But the fact was I was always being guided by my intuition every moment of every single day! I just didn't know it.

Your intuitive self resides in the core essence of your knowing. It's always with you, guiding you and connecting you back to your true self and soul.

It's just that you were never taught about it in school.  Your parents probably didn't show you how to use it. And then there are the many distractions on your path that steer you away from creating an intuitive connection that you know is right for you.

Which leads to a haze of confusion and ways of knowing what to do become lost amongst all the noise.

Doubts and fears pollute your consciousness and energy, your mind becomes cloudy. Keeping you further distracted and disconnected from this powerful gift, this knowing.

And when you allow the concept of fear to take over and rule your life, you walk further off the path. And the ways of knowing what to do become foggy as you make poor choices.

That's why it's important to take moments to still the mind and understand what you need as a physical being as well as a spiritual being, to nourish all aspects of you.

So that you can find what brings you back into alignment and connection again. To gain clarity on the right path for you, in alignment to your destiny.

Each soul on the planet has their own way to align themselves back to their true self and intuitive knowing. So find what works for you to bring you back into that space, into deep connection to self. 

Take time to quieten your mind and clear your energy. Find space within you, so that you can begin to tune into you rather than the outer world.

Then you will find ways of knowing what you need to do! It will become crystal clear and you will just know.

As your awareness begins to grow and your light begins to expand, you will step back onto the golden path of your soul. 

Remember you are here to master yourself, mastering your light, inner knowing and truth. Mastering every aspect of your being on how to be human, how to be a spiritual being in a human vessel.  

So begin to take moments everyday to connect and listen. Learn to trust the guidance that you receive. Before long, ways of knowing what to do will become second nature to you. 

To get started try the meditation below.

Last Resort Meditation

Ok so this meditation is powerful! Super easy and uses one of my favourite mantras! Wahe Guru!

It's great to do when you have no idea what to do! And there are times we need that!

It helps you find ways of knowing what to do! As it brings relaxation, strength, mental clarity and intuition! Washing away negativity and disharmony!

This meditation gets you in communication with your soul and the cosmos! So that you know what you need to do.

The mantra taps you into the infinite wisdom of the universe and your soul, expands your awareness and helps to BLISS you out!

  • Sit in a comfortable meditative position with the spine straight.
  • Place your hands in prayer mudra and tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 times to begin.
  • Next place your hands in the lap, palms up, right hand resting in left, thumb tips touching.
  • Eyes are closed.
  • Take a deep breath in and begin to chant the mantra Whaa-Hay Guroo Whaa-Hay Guroo Whaa-Hay Guroo Whaa-Hay Jee-0 in a monotone voice 8 times.
  • Breathe very deeply in order to complete the cycle, which will take approximately 45 seconds. Release the breath very slowly as you chant. If at first the breath doesn't hold for the full 8 repetitions, stop, breathe, and begin again. Build up your capacity.
  • Start with anything from 3 - 11 minutes. You can slowly increase to 22 or 33 minutes over time.
  • To end inhale deeply and hold the breath in. Exhale release. Repeat 2 more times.
  • Sit deeply in meditation.

Now its over to you...

Try the meditation and comment below about your experience. I would love to know how you found it!

It takes practice this one, to build the breath up. So be patient and keep trying!

You are the light!

melissa haymes