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Meet Melissa

Melissa believes that we are here to experience joy, happiness and peace. We are here to live from the heart of our soul, in alignment to our true divine purpose and create the life of our dreams.

We all deserve to be happy, healthy and free. We are not here to suffer, be in pain or struggle. This is not who we really are. We are here to tap into our true power of intuition, to love ourselves and express our divine self.

Having healed herself from self-doubt, low self-worth, depression, anxiety, confusion, exhaustion and more, Melissa understands what is needed to release what is holding us back. She has been on a mission to get to the root of her own problems in order to heal them once and for all! This has required healing at the level of her soul, awakening her own intuitive powers and learning to love herself.

She has seen time and time again the same patterns in her female clients who are struggling and are in pain. This has fuelled her passion to help women finally release what is holding them back from being happy and free.

“Healing your soul and connecting back to your true self and intuition,
empowers you to live your dreams. It is time for you to create freedom for yourself and shine your light into the world.”

~Melissa Haymes

Changed My Life

I met Melissa about 6 years ago when I attended a meditation group that was facilitated by her. Since then I have continued to attend these groups and in addition, I have done some further personal work with Melissa, such as soul regression work and past life hypnotherapy.

– Meri Barclay

Absolutely Amazing

I came to Melissa because I had felt disconnected spiritually and emotionally drained. I felt blocked and couldn’t move forward happily. This was affecting my relationships and also how to move forward with my career.  After one healing session with Melissa, I feel so much better.

– Adele Monelli

Improved Concentration

Our family has benefited from Melissa’s work in a number of ways. Melissa’s healing has helped with numerous physical ailments, successfully assisted with fertility and I have also personally benefited from improved concentration, equanimity and general well being. Melissa has also provided us with a great deal of wisdom and spiritual guidance which we still appreciate to this day. Thank you, Melissa.

– Richard Prentice

Blown Away!

I went to see Melissa for a hypnotherapy and past life regression session and came out just blown away with the information gained and how it all unfolded. Melissa is very gifted and experienced at what she does and does so in a loving, safe environment. It has helped me to have more faith and belief in myself and to trust my intuition.

– Katie Lathbury

Blew My Mind!

I had a quantum consciousness session with Melissa recently. I didn’t know what to expect in the session but went in with an open heart. What happened during the session blew my mind. I received clarification about what I have been feeling I needed to do but haven’t been doing. The session confirmed and reiterated what I had to do. I also received a beautiful healing and felt lots of positive energy during the session. It was really beautiful and something I will remember always.

– Sharan Jassal

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5 Steps to Connect to Your Intuition & Become Empowered

Includes Free Meditation. Get Instant Access NOW. Its FREE!