Imagine if you could time travel? Travel across time to other dimensions of reality. Travel to another time where you lived, experienced and learned for your soul’s evolution.

Experiencing your soul in another body and life can change your life in the most profound ways. Travelling to other dimensions of reality to see the lives you have lived before and understanding your soul’s lessons, is transformational and of course very cool!

Have you ever asked yourself:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What have I come here to learn?
Have I lived before?
Who was I in the past?
Who is this person in my life?
Why am I faced with this challenge?
What is my purpose?

At a deeper level we all wish to understand the answers to these questions. We want to explore the truths of who we really are.

Past Life Regression is a powerful way to explore these truths and your unlimited immortal self. It allows your soul to take you back to a time for your understanding, awareness and healing.

You may wish to explore how you have lived before or perhaps you have an un-explainable health concern. You may have a challenging relationship which you would like to understand the tie between you. Or you may have an unexplained fear which you are unable to resolve. Past Life Regression can help you explore all of this and more.

Past Life Regression connects you to your higher self, helps you understand your purpose, relationships, hardships and physical ailments. Using clinical and spiritual hypnotherapy you can access your subconscious hidden memories. All of your memories are stored within your subconscious mind, including everything from yesterday, to childhood events to past lives. In this altered state you are fully aware and in control the whole time, giving you the ability to integrate what you are exploring at the conscious level.

Past Life Regression can help you uncover the truths you have been searching for. My personal journey of receiving past live regressions has been life changing, giving me wonderful insights and understandings. Gaining awareness of how a past life is impacting your current life, then releasing and healing this, can bring about great changes within your current life.

Through the power of combining clinical and spiritual hypnotherapy, you explore your past lives, understand your lessons and the imprints that you may have carried into your current life. You then enter a space of healing to release any negative imprints from that life and what no longer serves you in your current life. This then brings about profound and positive changes within your current life. This form of past life regression is transformational.

As a trained clinical hypnotherapist and past life therapist I can help you explore who you really are.

Are you ready to explore?

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