Create freedom for yourself and change your life.  Just imagine what it would be like to clear your past, find peace in the present and create the future you have always dreamed of?

We all have issues or situations in our life that we wish we could change.  Whether they are addictions anxiety, fear, weight issues, depression or relationship issues, they are limiting your potential and happiness.

Taking back control of your emotions, energy and life is one of the most powerful experiences you can ever have. Releasing yourself of those same old patterns that keep you stuck where you are, with the same issues and problems repeating themselves day after day, is life changing.

How many times have I heard people say: “but I have tried so many things to lose this weight or to free myself from my problem, but nothing works”. It’s the same broken record that keeps repeating itself over and over again, even though you have tried everything.

The pattern and energy can be so ingrained that it just keeps on playing out.

But what if this is a pattern you have been carrying lifetime after lifetime? It’s not new? In fact, you have become a master of it and have remained in that pattern of self-abuse and low self-worth for centuries? I call it the groundhog day of lifetimes. Lifetime after lifetime repeating the same old patterns over and over without them being fully released.

The question you need to ask yourself is why is it that you have tried everything and things seem good for a while, but eventually the same old patterns re-emerge once again? These limiting beliefs are programmed within your subconscious mind and energetic field that keep you in that space of creating the same stuff again and again. Unless you identify, heal and change the originating belief, emotion, pattern stored within your subconscious and energy field that caused your issue, you will continue to fall back into the same old pattern.

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of everything that you have ever experienced in this life and beyond. These forgotten memories create behaviours, habits and programming that drive the way that you respond, react and view the world. You are not even aware of them!

It is within your subconscious and energy field that you can truly understand who you are, heal yourself and tap into your incredible potential.

Freedom = getting to the core reason as to why your problem developed in the first place. It’s not about creating a quick band-aid fix and feeling good just for a short while. It’s about getting to the source of your problem and healing that. Often it lies within an experience you have had as a child or in a past life, which created a particular emotional response that has continued to affect your life in many ways.

So how can you achieve freedom? There are many wonderful tools and techniques out there to assist you with this. Remember you wish to clear the subconscious and energetic programs that are holding you back from this life and beyond.

Here are my favourite techniques and the ones I use in my practice and workshops, to help people change their lives.

  1. Spiritual Life Coaching
  2. Soul Regression
  3. Past Life Regression
  4. Life Between Lives Regression