Most likely you have heard of hypnotherapy or the popular reference hypnosis. But what is hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Are they actually different?

The answer is yes and it is important to distinguish the difference between them. Why? Because they are different in what they can offer you to help you change from the inside out.

Many clients who come to see me for hypnotherapy have a misunderstanding of what hypnotherapy really is. They believe they will lie down and go somewhere else without any control or awareness of what is happening. They believe they will wake up with no memory of what happened during the session.  So it is important to know that during a hypnotherapy session you are fully alert and in control whilst at the same time accessing your subconscious mind.

Now you can understand that this idea can create fear in people. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable having therapy without awareness of what was happening. That would be frightening.

I always ask my clients what their idea of hypnotherapy is. The usual response relates to what they have seen on TV with stage hypnosis. Seeing people being hypnotised and commanded to dance like a chicken, make sounds and do some other interesting things.

Stage hypnosis is a form of entertainment using hypnotism, not hypnotherapy. These people are firstly tested by the hypnotist to gauge whether they are highly susceptible to being hypnotised, which means they can easily be hypnotised. This makes it much easier for the hypnotist to have these people do the things they ask them to do. And on a conscious level ,these people are comfortable to do the things the hypnotist is asking them to do.

Your conscious mind will always protect you and will never allow you to do anything you do not wish to do and is not in your best interests. So for those who are dancing like a chicken, at the conscious level, the waking state, they are ok and happy to do this. If they were not, their conscious mind would pull them out of a hypnotic trance.

So what is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness involving an induced state of relaxation and concentration in which deeper parts of the mind and subconscious become accessible.

You can experience a “trance-like” hypnotic state in everyday living, for example: becoming totally involved watching a movie, driving on a familiar route where you do not quite remember part of the journey or simply daydreaming.

Many people, including yourself ,can induce a hypnotic state. And as mentioned above you enter a hypnotic state many times throughout the day. But once you are in that state what happens next?

Once you are in ha ypnotic state the hypnotist will then use Suggestion Therapy to help you with your issues. More on Suggestion Therapy later, however in summary this technique uses positively worded suggestions that will affect whatever symptom you are seeing the hypnotist for. You are then taken through a process of visualising the outcome you desire in a positive uplifting way which serves the goal you are seeking to achieve.

Suggestion Therapy has short-term effects and hence may not be a life-changing therapy. Putting the person in the state of hypnosis and giving suggestions, does not resolve the deeper issues. That is where hypnotherapy comes into play.

So what is Hypnotherapy?

The use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes is referred to as hypnotherapy. This means using hypnotherapy to get to the deeper issues as to why your problem appeared in the first place. Where did it begin? What triggered this emotional response in you that years later you began to smoke? What happened to you when you were a small child that as an adult you just can’t seem to succeed in life?

With hypnotherapy, you can regress back to your childhood, discover the negative patterns and beliefs that are holding back and change them deep within the subconscious mind. Then new affirmations and positive suggestions will stick.

Hypnotherapy uses techniques to get to the source of your addictions, depression, anxiety, fears and more. A fully trained hypnotherapist has the skills to help you explore your subconscious to discover the core reason you are being held back, gaining the moment of insights and helping you heal.

I often use the analogy of a wart. If you only treat the top of the wart, it may fall off, but will grow back as the deeper layers of the wart have not been removed. You need to get to the deeper layers in order for it to be removed completely so that the virus doesn’t grow back.

Hypnotherapy gets to the root, helps to pull it out and change a new way of thinking and feeling within your being. Getting to the core deeper layers is the key to helping you create long lasting change.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and amazing tool to help you change from the inside out. Change your subconscious and change your life.

So if you are looking to create permanent change in your life, heal your anxiety, addictions, depression or more, then try hypnotherapy. Make sure you use a fully qualified hypnotherapist with the skills to help you uncover the root of your problem.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Melissa are conducted in person in Doncaster East, Melbourne or Gold Coast Queensland, Robina.