Elevate your consciousness and connect with your soul

JOIN NOW – Evening Meditation classes Doncaster East

Harnessing the power of Kundalini Yoga meditations to transform

May & June

8pm – 9.30pm


Are you struggling to keep up with life, finding it difficult relax and be calm?

Do you feel like an emotional rollercoaster ride, up and down, round and round?

More than ever meditation is becoming absolutely essential to help you keep up and stay balanced. As you move into times of great healing and awareness, you are becoming more sensitive to your emotions, feelings and of those around you. To maintain balance, awareness and inner power, meditating even for a few moments, can change the motion of your day.

Now is the time to begin your inward journey, to discover the peace you are searching for. It is time to heal yourself, your mind, body and emotions, to help you restore the peace and joy that you are seeking.

Meditation helps you to clear your subconscious, change the way you think and perceive the world to create a better now for yourself. Clearing past  hurts, pain and negatively held beliefs, you begin to understand who you really are. You connect back to you, your soul , your Infinite self. You become clear, calm and aware. This is the true gift of meditation.

Meditation is a powerful tool to clear your past, bring you into the present and create the happiness that you truly long for.

Meditating in a group is powerful and transformational.

Be prepared to breathe, chant, meditate and experience stillness. Experience the live gong and crystal bowls.


MAY – Tuesday 17th May, Tuesday 24th May, Tuesday 31st May, Tuesday 7th June

Time: 8pm – 9.30pm

Cost: $25 per class

Bookings to be paid upfront

Where: 9 Rosella Street, Doncaster East

BYO: water, wear comfortable clothing, yoga mat, cushion and blanket. Please be warm.


Meditations covered in class will be emailed to you giving the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt. Meditating at home and practicing what you are learning is the key to strengthening your soul connection and intuition.

If you are interested in these classes or would like further information, please contact me .

I look forward to seeing you there.