My Recent Past Life Healing Journey

December 04, 2013

As I sat patiently and quietly within myself, posing the question what do I wish to work on today, I somehow already knew the answer. My soul was ready and waiting. It was time for me to be healed.

It was my turn to receive a past life regression and I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that something big was about to happen. I could feel it within every cell of my being.

I had experienced past life regressions before. The ones where you go in, site see take a good look around then come out again. But this was different. This session was not just about exploring, but so much more. It was about releasing, healing and removing any negative imprints that have been holding me back in my current life. This was about deep healing at the depths of my soul. Healing to understand my purpose and why I am here.

As always my soul knew exactly where to take me and what needed healing. So beautifully orchestrated, in such perfect timing. My quest for today was to understand why I am very sensitive to energies, foods etc and why I felt blocked in my purpose. I didn’t really know which one was more important than the other, or what would present during the session. I just knew my soul would decide. And so it did. Amazingly, answers to both questions were given. Love this work.

After falling into deep trance my hypnotherapist asked me to scan my body to see if anything presented itself. Next I felt a strong pressure in my third eye, over the top of my eyebrows. Pressure like something was being pressed against this area. Funny it wasn’t there before! Where did that come from?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 bang be there now back to when you first felt this feeling! Bam, I was straight into a past life. A life where I was wearing a metal cast on my head, around my forehead, putting pressure on my third eye. It was placed there to stop my psychic visions and premonitions.

I was back in a time when being psychic and spiritual was considered witch craft. It was evil and a crime. I was being punished for being myself, providing psychic premonitions and guidance to others. I was made to wear this head garment as punishment, placing constant pressure on my third eye. I was used as an example around the village to warn others of their consequences. I was humiliated and forced to oppress my true self. I couldn’t be myself because of the fears of others.

Wow. This was getting very cool. We then moved to the next significant event where I was tied up in front of the village being stoned. The metal cast had not stopped me from receiving and giving my psychic visions. I couldn’t hold them back anymore as I knew I was helping people. But I was caught again, this time for death.

Upon leaving the death scene I moved further into trance, moving into the soul state, to the dimension of my spiritual being. The soul state allowed me to review this life and understand how it was impacting my current life as Melissa.

I had discovered that I was still carrying the imprint of this metal cast with me. This cast was linked with a chain to 94 other lives where I had experienced persecution of a similar nature. All of which were carrying this heavy burden of oppression and judgment. This had been affecting my current life by blocking the flow of energy into my chakras and instilling fear of speaking my truth. Fear to speak out about my intuitive and spiritual gifts that I use to help others

Next we healed all of those life times that I had carried this burden with me, including the imprint that I had carried through into my current life. This was such an incredible and tangible release for me.

We then explored my purpose in this life and my sensitivities which revealed amazing answers. Gifts to help me help others understand who they really are and heal themselves.

When you are in that beautiful soul state you connect into the deeps of your very being, into the truth of who you all. A space where you can gain profound insight and understanding.

After the session I felt elated and high like I was on cloud nine. I felt giddy and childlike, twirling around with a beautiful sense of freedom. I was filled with love and happiness, so connected to who I am and why I am here.

Wow, what a profound life changing experience. This work is incredibly life changing. Knowing and understanding that I am an immortal soul with many lives and many faces, has healed my life in so many ways. Blessings.

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