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Past Life Regression


Do you have physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues that cannot be explained? Or perhaps you have you tried everything to heal yourself yet nothing changes. Past Life Regression could be your answer.

Have you ever asked yourself the question “have I lived before in another time and place?”

Getting to the root of your problem is where the most profound changes occur, and often the root is embedded in your soul from previous lifetimes.

Past Life Regression connects you with your soul, deepens your understanding of your life purpose, soul lessons, karmic patterns, relationships and more. It is life changing!

Moving into a space of deep connection to the truth of who you really are and understanding what has been holding you back for aeons, is enlightening. There is nothing more powerful than connecting to your own inner truth and hearing from the wisdom of your soul. Connecting to your own inner knowing to receive guidance from your soul, is simply transformational.

Past Life Regression is more than sightseeing. It is hypnotherapy to access your soul conscious memory, providing you with information to help you heal your life in incredible ways.

As a multidimensional being your soul experiences many lifetimes to learn and grow. At times where lessons have not been learnt, you may carry imprints from a particular lifetime into another lifetime.

These imprints can create heavy burdens and toxicity in your current life, where you struggle and experience pain. Often you feel you have tried everything you can imagine to change things, yet they still remain the same.

The good news is you don’t have to suffer anymore. It is time to break free from the negative imprints embedded in your soul for aeons and take back your power. It is time to release the blocks that are stopping you from connecting to your true self and purpose.

The benefits of Past Life Regression extend far beyond the clearing of symptoms. It can help identify the source of your problems, remove current symptoms and freeing you to live a happy and fulfilled life. Often resulting in healing at many levels,  including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Past Life Regression has changed my life and the lives of my clients in the most profound ways. The insight and awareness offered, can be golden. There is nothing like connecting to your own inner knowing and soul memory. It is truly is out of this world!

You have everything you need to heal yourself. You have all of the answers. It is all within you! With Past Life Regression therapy you are given an opportunity to understand, to heal, to awaken and to REMEMBER who you are.

If you are ready to connect with your inner knowing and soul awareness, to understand more about who you REALLY are and what is holding you back, then Past Life Regression is for you.

Past Life Regression therapy uses hypnotherapy to access the deeper layers of your soul consciousness to create incredible changes in your life. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and spiritual regression therapist. This is quite different to other past life regression techniques offered in which practitioners are not qualified hypnotherapists. What that means is I am able to skillfully hold space for you whilst you access deep soul memories and release blockages that may be holding you back from connecting and healing.


Sessions 2.5 – 3 hours


Sessions are conducted in person at:

Doncaster East Victoria, servicing Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Southern Suburbs

What can I gain from having a Past Life Regression?

connecting to the truth of who you really are

releasing fears and phobias

understanding and healing relationships with self and others

healing physical ailments such as asthma, aches and pains

receiving wisdom and knowing from your soul

healing anxiety, stress and depression

gaining clarity on who you are and why you are here

understanding your life lessons and purpose

creating peace, happiness and joy

experiencing a sense of connection to your truth

How do I prepare for a Past Life Regression?

  • Practice meditation and relaxation techniques prior to your session to assist in your ability to deeply relax and let go.
  • Come with a clear intention of what you wish to explore. This may be a physical, mental or emotional issue. For some, they just wish to explore and allow their soul to guide them to where they need to for healing.
  • Prepare a list of 5 questions you would like to ask your soul during your session in relation to your issue. Bring these questions typed with you to your session.
  • Remain open minded and release concerns, doubts and fears you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to fear and what you can gain from the session can greatly improve the quality of your life.
  • Give yourself a day, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities afterwards. It is good to go home and reflect. Quiet time is recommended if possible.
  • Avoid caffeine on the day of your session.
  • A digital recording is made of the session and will be emailed to you after the session.

So Grateful

I 100% recommend Melissa to anybody who wants to change their life. I have had a lot of Hypnotherapy and PLR elsewhere and have not experienced anywhere near the results I did with Melissa. I felt a change instantly. I will continue to see Melissa in regards to other aspects of my life, given the immense benefits of my first few sessions. I was definitely blocking myself and now I am practising techniques Melissa gave to me and I am continually improving every day. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have found Melissa after what felt like decades of searching.

Krystal Mitten

Life Changing!

I visited Melissa to find out more about more about my personality and to attempt to join the dots by visiting one of my past lives to be healed and finally find some peace. What I found was not only life changing, it was a tremendously positive experience which will impact my life significantly into the future. I felt very comfortable with Melissa. She facilitated the session fantastically with professionalism, and she helped me feel very at ease for my first regression accessing my soul. I will be certainly visiting Melissa again to continue on this journey of self-discovery and peace - Highly recommended! - Thanks Melissa


5 Steps to Connect to Your Intuition & Become Empowered

Includes Free Meditation. Get Instant Access NOW. Its FREE!