These days we are hearing more and more about Quantum Physics and the quantum field with new discovers from scientists that are changing how we view the world, ourselves and the potential of all things.

Quantum Consciousness sessions can help you experience your personal universe within the greater universe of all potential. The Quantum Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the human portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness.

I thought I would share with you my personal Quantum Consciousness experience which has been published as one of the case studies in the new book  “Quantum Consciousness – Expanding Your Personal Universe” by Peter Smith.


I  have this book for sale if you are interested in reading this amazing book.

So here is my experience to share with you. If you wish to have your own quantum hypnosis experience, I would love to hear from you.

“Melissa came with the intention of repairing her energy field. She felt there were leakages in her system and she had endured a long history of digestive problems. She also felt there were blocks to her full potential that needed to be removed.

As an experienced meditation teacher and hypnotherapist herself, Melissa relaxed easily to establish her expanded state of being.

As we expanded into her Stored Consciousness, Melissa was shown a very different her than we would typically encounter. In this first stage of her journey, another version of herself came through from a parallel existence.  She was a few years older and carried contentment. She was poised, centred and had an air of clarity about her. Melissa noticed in this other her, an absence of any confusion.

She was described as being able to magnetise her energy from her core and had learned to do this from her heart centre. She came from another universe where the energy is less heavy. When Melissa blended bodies with her she could feel the difference and activated her heart centre and crown. There was tingling all through Melissa’s body and her body moved around with jerky type movements as all this took place. It was then that Melissa noted a significant difference between them; “There is a difference in our sub-atomic particles. Hers have not been distorted with confusion. Mine are contaminated with the culture here in our world”.

This other version of our Melissa was able to share her experience of another world where she lived, noting that it had two moons. She showed our Melissa a training facility where they were teaching children to move things with their minds. An intention of this perfect world was for the children to know their power, so they are not suppressed in any way. They worked to bring awareness as to who people really are and taught this to their children.

The woman placed her hands on Melissa’s forehead telling her she “just had to remember”. In their world, there was no question or doubt. Melissa felt as though her wings were spreading, her light expanding and at the atomic level, an explosion of light took place cascading outwards. In return, Melissa was able to offer her compassion, a reminder to her about what others are experiencing in her own world. This helped the woman understand that her knowing was truly an amazing thing. She then understood what it could be like if it wasn’t there.

This interaction was deep and powerful and was offered to Melissa as a resource for her journey as we will soon understand.

As we expanded further into Alternate Consciousness, we met a younger version of Melissa who was around 4 years old, holding a doll that Melissa recognised from her childhood. This little girl was timid, gentle and unsure. She had come forward so Melissa could help her to be strong and using the energy of deep love and acceptance she had been offered in the last realm visited, Melissa was able to bring this to her younger self. The little girl’s chest puffed out with this pride in being herself and they both knew from this time on, there would be “no more stumbling”.

As always, we sent the ripple of healing through this realm and beyond. Something beautiful happened in this moment as Melissa was shown all the timelines that this would affect. Given the healing was felt so early in life as the 4 year old, it was seen to occur before the creation of many other alternate realities. So many more of these realities benefited from future decisions to be made forming new realities under the healed energy available to them now. Melissa described them as “too many to count”. She was shown a never-ending matrix of healing, and felt the gratitude and peace returning from them to her, due to the healing ripple she had sent.

As we expanded into Parallel Consciousness, a group came forward to meet us. There were 126 in this group which were many different lives currently being suppressed in other times and places on this earth. Again using the energy gained from the first realm, Melissa sent a beam of light from her fingers to all of their foreheads. She sent them the remembering of who they really are and this moved from these Parallel lives through all their own Alternate Realities. The healing was described as “astronomical”.

Many of these lifetimes carried the energy of persecution as part of their suppression. Once this healing had taken place, they went back to their origins which changed the structure of everything. Melissa described it as “They can redirect the energy flow of others around them, changing the outcomes of civilisation – altering mankind in their times and places and the past of the Earth. We are altering the consciousness of mankind at a very powerful level.”

Our expansion continued into the Interdimensional Consciousness where Melissa was met by a wise council of 8 beings. They told Melissa they were a council of higher power and showed her the infinity symbol, saying that they existed in 3 dimensions of time. There were 4 on each side of her and she was the join in the middle of the symbol. Melissa shared: “They have come to give awareness of where I’ve come from and to connect into my expansiveness. To show me the opposite of being small!”

Melissa felt herself as the link in the middle of the symbol, knowing she was never alone. “If I visualise this and remember it and bring it into me, it shows me expansiveness, collective consciousness and the remembering. The Remembering is key to knowing my magnificence and not being squashed into something I’m not. I sometimes go into the space of doubt.”

We asked about the digestive issues and Melissa reported: “It was a ball of fear, manifesting in the physical, it is exploded and gone…that was the leakage! We have placed the golden infinity symbol as a figure 8 in the lower chakras. It is activating my universe within my body and it will alter my cell membranes.” We then asked for change at the Quantum level and were then told we needed time for the physical body to integrate.

As we moved into the Eternal Consciousness, Melissa summarised as follows

”I just have to believe and trust…one step at a time. The universe is coming to me with the opportunities to expand. I remain focused with intention and power is bountiful now. Not held back by the limiting energy structure that was holding me back. Simply focus intention on what you are looking for. There is a clearness of things manifesting – it is limitless now. Remember the expansiveness of who I am and to not forget what we can achieve when limitations and restrictions are gone. We have so much power, we just don’t realise.”

Melissa’s case is a great example of where resources offered at the start of a journey can be used in every realm visited afterwards. It indicates that these journeys we are observing somehow tap into a higher order of things that go beyond the understanding of the client and even thefFacilitator. It really is an amazing universe when something shows up that will help, before the issue is even presented and we saw this in Melissa’s first realm.  Perhaps this is enabled by an intention that we as Quantum Consciousness Facilitator’s hold in our belief that our client has within their personal universe everything they will ever need for the healing or emerging wisdom. This is the facilitator’s own Creator Effect, or given the entanglement with our clients, perhaps we should call it the Creator “Affect”.

Melissa has experienced healing from all angles and has been working on her own self development for years. Her feedback regarding the session, neatly encapsulated the energy we observe during these experiences. “This is a delicate, refined, sweet, sensitive energy. There is no complexity of the trauma energy – no heaviness. It is energetically blissful!”

Session Locations

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Sessions are 2-3 hours in length.