Fantastic Teacher

Melissa, I've always wanted to write you a note just to say thank you for helping me learn how to reconnect with my inner self and helping me try to attain inner peace, inner calmness and clarity in my life. I'm not sure if I've accomplished any of them, but I strongly feel that I will one day. I enjoy attending your classes VERY MUCH. I feel like I can experience a bit of genuine meditation when I'm in class and I enjoy listening to everything you have to say about the spiritual world and reiterating that to improve our health is by having cleaner energy and increasing our energy and happiness is through positive thinking.

This course came at a time I needed spiritual and mental salvation. I'm very happy and I think my life is getting better because of what I am learning in class and meeting with like-minded people. I'm not so good at meditating, though, but one day I will be, but what I really get out of class is having the knowledge of enforcing/using the energy around us to attain what we desire. What I mean is that, if we ask the universe or our guardian angels or Papa Jesus what we need, then if we have full faith, the universe, the stars, the planets etc. will give it to us.

Thank you again and I think you're a fantastic teacher who is very clear and easy to understand. Not many teachers make sense when they teach, but YOU DO!! So thank you!! Lorena

Lorena Javier

My Life Has Changed

I recently had a Quantum session with Melissa and it blew me away ... this is not the first quantum session I had, but it was the most profound and I found myself interacting with other versions of me from the future (the older and wiser version of me) ... the 'me' from a life I might have lived, and the 'me' who had gone on to live a life I had chosen to leave ... and there was even more than that! I found myself receiving profound wisdom from a 'Council of 9' in another galaxy/universe (whaaaaat? am I not a sane human being?) ... yet this experience was so 'sane' it made the everyday world fade around me! Melissa is a beautiful, heart-based therapist who truly cares about her clients ... if you are ready to experience life in the quantum universe, then I would definitely recommend her. My life has been changed at a quantum level from this experience. Thank You Melissa.

Doreen Sneath

I Want More!

I have attended the Intuitive You development course with Melissa and thoroughly enjoyed it. The various meditations and techniques I have learned about have been enlightening and all the topics covered were interesting and informative. The group energy is connective and amazing and always left me wanting more!! Melissa's teachings come from a positive place and l always felt comfortable participating, she's a truly wonderful mentor. I highly recommend this course to anyone curious about exploring further their spirituality and self-development.

Kym Scott

Offered So Much Healing

Thank you, Melissa, for taking me into the recesses of my subconscious mind and into the realms where my soul essence lives. Your ability to hold space and facilitate the gathering of information from these depths, like a journalist on a mission, allowed me to meet my guide, my soul family, and sit in the presence of such enigmatic beings that offered so much healing and wisdom that I was seeking. This Life Between Lives session truly was worth the experience, and an experience I would certainly undertake again. You left no stone unturned, and for that, I thank-you and would recommend you to anyone seeking further exploration at the deepest levels. Sherree xo


Everything Changed

My Past Life Regression with Melissa was easy and super effective. Before my session, I had a lot of constant thoughts around World War 2 and the Holocaust. I couldn't watch war movies without terrible feelings and emotions around it all, I had a great disdain for German people due to the association. After the session, those issues are now gone. I can watch those movies without any discomfort and it's like those feelings are changed and have no effect on me anymore. I am very grateful to Melissa for helping me with this and also for genuinely wanting to help me. She made me feel very comfortable in her company and was very casual and uncomplicated. I can't thank her enough.


Changed My Life

I first heard of Life Between Lives through Melissa once I became aware of what this powerful healing technique offered I then made the decision to go ahead and have a session and experienced an amazing journey to transformation. At that time when a session had been organised, I was experiencing many negative emotions sense of feeling trapped, fear, anger, frustration and just unhappy about where my life was. The session I had changed my life in a positive way. I gained incredible knowledge as to why I was experiencing these emotions. Past lifetimes were brought forward into my consciousness that was responsible and played a big part and through a process, Melissa had taken me through I was able to resolve them and great healing occurred.

Then I was taken into the spirit world where I felt honoured to connect with my higher self, feeling that oneness and openness it was truly amazing. Magnificent beings of light presented themselves, the unconditional love and healing I received from the beings were unforgettable knowing that their presence is always with me and assisting me in life. In that space, I had the opportunity to ask many questions and I received the clarity I was seeking. I can honestly say that I don't experience the same intensity of emotions when confronted with life's challenges which are transformational in itself.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Melissa for her dedication, wisdom, support, and making me feel safe throughout my session to process what I needed to which is so important I am eternally grateful to her. Anyone who is considering Life between Lives I would recommend you have a session and have an opportunity to experience amazing transformation as I did. Thank you, Melissa, once again.

Ondine Goding

Amazing Experience

After experiencing a hypnosis session with Melissa, and having a successful outcome, I was interested to go deeper and try a Life Between Lives Therapy experience. As this is a more advanced hypnotherapy technique, I was keen to explore different aspects of my soul and experience a higher state of consciousness. It was a great opportunity to ask some important life questions which I had always wondered about and wished to find answers to. The session lasted for approximately 4 hours and I was amazed at how many of my questions were answered! I didn’t remember giving answers to some of my questions in the moment, however, Melissa went through everything with me once I was out of the hypnosis state and I was blown away by some of my answers.

Over the week that followed I started to feel significant changes in my physical body and felt all this energy swirling around me as if the channel to my soul and spirit guides had opened up and information was still being fed through to me.

Thank you, Melissa, for this incredible experience. It has truly taken me to a higher vibrational level and shown me just how connected we really all are. Many blessings of love and light, Natalie xo

Natalie Ostrogonay

Deeply Profound Experience

Before I started my hypnotherapy session I was initially apprehensive to peel away the conscious layer and tap into the subconscious. Melissa guided me through the process with love and respect. It ended up being a profoundly deep experience in which I was left feeling amazingly free and peaceful. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone open to exploring their spiritual journey.


Completely Healed

I had been eager to do a hypnosis session for some time and when the opportunity came to do one with Melissa I was very excited. Melissa was very thorough in her explanation and preparation before the session commenced. She created an air of ease and I felt very relaxed and happy in the space.

The session was great! I had never experienced hypnosis before and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I felt very comfortable and at ease with Melissa. Her voice was very soothing which guided me to easily fall into a peaceful hypnotic state. Throughout the whole session, I felt safe, relaxed and in control through my journey back into my past life memories and impressions.

I worked with Melissa on a specific physical condition and throughout the session re-discovered when this problem started and why this had developed. After the session, I definitely experienced a shift. I no longer suffer from this particular physical ailment and feel completely healed and free of this burden. I immediately had much more energy and no longer worry that I will become sick again. I would definitely do another hypnosis session.

Natalie Ostrogonay

Positive Deep Journey

Melissa is a skilled and sensitive teacher. She is able to bring the essence of mindfulness meditation into a creative and accessible form that allows both beginners to learn and those who have meditated before, to grow in their own personal practice. One of the most beautiful aspects of Melissa’s weekly meditation class is the true sense of spirit that you feel once you step inside. I never feel judged and together the group enjoys a relaxed and fun atmosphere that Melissa creates. Melissa’s approach is practical and allows mindfulness to extend beyond the room and to life changing experience. Meditation is a journey and the benefits are endless, the more we practice the deeper the journey. Thank you, Melissa, for sparking a most positive journey.

Sarah Figgins

Happier, Healthier, More Intuitive

I first met Melissa during her weekly free meditations and attended many of her yoga workshops. I liked it all, and always felt wonderful after. I loved that she was giving back to the community. I then attended her Intuition/Meditation classes and I liked that too. I had been meditating for six years or so and needed to expand my practices. Wow, she has given me, us, the group a new, fuller, deeper understanding and confidence. The mantras, mudras and meditations Melissa has shown the class have helped me become a much happier, healthier, intuitive person than I was. Thank you, Melissa

Christina Williams

Peace & Fulfilment

Melissa has shown immeasurable determination, compassion and guidance throughout a time where I felt all good things for me had truly come to an end. Through healing, EFT and holistic hypnotherapy, Melissa has gently introduced me to a whole new way of being. Her weekly intuition classes have brought me such a level of such peace and fulfilment I never dreamed possible, she has shown me the greatest kindness imaginable. Because of her, my life is now full of peace and positivity, strength and unconditional love and light, full of wonder and excitement because she simply showed me the way. I'm eternally grateful Melissa, thank you.


My Purpose is Clear

I have always wanted to know what my life purpose is. The quest was so deep that it caused me pain not knowing. It felt like life had no meaning. If I had to leave my body I was happy for that to happen. My whole life I was bound with intense fear, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

I went to Melissa for the answers through an Akashic Reading. She helped me to understand this very clearly. I got to know my purpose. I got confirmation on many things and I was able to connect with my masters. After the reading, I have experienced huge shifts in consciousness. Suddenly there is calmness as if I have found my purpose, no more confusion. I was able to connect the dots. I know exactly what I need to do. Thanks a lot Melissa for helping me.


More Energy, Less Stress

Emotional Freedom Technique resulted in my communication skills improving, giving me more energy, not being so stressed and leading to many improvements in my life. These sessions have had a beneficial ripple effect on me, my family, friends and strangers. There is no hard edge around the ripple and when it stops then another ripple comes along. Thank you, Melissa.

Christina Williams

Huge transformation!

Melissa is a gifted facilitator, and my session with her was truly life-changing, resolving issues that hadn't deeply shifted in years of trying a multitude of approaches. I can only hint at the incredible relief, peace, joy and aliveness that came during and after hypnosis with Melissa, and for which I have nothing but gratitude. From the moment we began, I was totally confident that she had my back, that I was completely safe and not being judged. Melissa's obvious caring, intelligence, lightness and presence, ensured that I was professionally guided and supported to profound healing. This meant that unpleasant projections from others and energies I'd taken on from others in my body simply vanished, leaving ease with loving myself and others. The past has lost much of its false relevance and density, and doubt is being replaced with knowing, and powerful self-worth. It is no accident that changes of this magnitude were facilitated by Melissa: an inspiring example of commitment to her spiritual journey and being of service, and in many ways, an excellent Teacher. Sharing time and space with Melissa can only help to unveil more of your greatness.

Chris Price

I am Blessed

I am blessed and grateful to have found a spiritual teacher whose main goal is to genuinely assist and improve a person’s spiritual path, spiritual being and spiritual understanding in this lifetime. Melissa’s teachings are amazing, true and from the highest source. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Melissa’s classes and private sessions for some years now and can honestly say she is a true teacher and to some degree a true mentor. Her courses are easy to understand and follow and her knowledge base is always changing with something new all of the time. It is refreshing in today’s world to still find someone who is striving to not only better their own life on this amazing spiritual journey but that of other’s she comes into contact with. I have the utmost trust and respect for Melissa’s cause.

Elizabeth Romanelli

After my session with Melissa, I feel lighter and have more clarity regarding who I am in this physical body. It has given me a truly insightful experience about who I am as an immortal soul. I have found myself looking at the world with new eyes and a sense of awe and appreciation.The best part was the releasing of old energies and also the time I spent in the in-between state, where I experienced and sensed unfathomed love and aeons of knowledge and support. Having a glimpse of my teachers or group of teachers I belong to, who are there supporting and watching over me, was very reassuring. I feel like my journey from now on has more purpose. There is more for me to learn and understand. I feel that I will be guided by it. I just need to 'trust' the process. If you are considering a session with Melissa, I would say just do it! There is nothing to be afraid of and you may even find something truly amazing about yourself that will make each step you take that much more comforting and reassuring. There is freedom in knowledge!

Kelly McCaffrey ... Sales

Great Teacher

Thanks, Melissa. I am very grateful that I took your meditation classes. It has opened up a new experience for me in the spiritual world. You are a great teacher. Thanks again.


Life Changing

I met Melissa about 6 years ago when I attended a meditation group that was facilitated by her. Since then I have continued to attend these groups and in addition, I have done some further personal work with Melissa, such as soul regression work and past life hypnotherapy.

What touched me more than anything about Melissa, was the transparency with which she delivered her knowledge and teaching because it was like looking through a window to her heart. There are no walls to break down with her because she has a “what you see is what you get” attitude and she does not seek to gain anything from you except a mutual love and growth from the very quest we seek. Her intentions have always been pure about sharing her vast knowledge with anyone wanting to be a part of it.

My soul work with Melissa has been life changing because it has helped me let go of and release burdens that were blocking my well-being. It has also helped me to understand and bring about new perspectives in my life with phenomenal outcomes, such as being able to change my past.

I tire of websites/mail outs seeking to market themselves conceptually that have huge and unreasonable outlays. I have never known this with Melissa; she is the exact opposite. It’s an honour to know her and I can only wish her the very best with love and light.

Meri Barclay

Blown Away!

I went to see Melissa for a hypnotherapy and past life regression session and came out just blown away with the information gained and how it all unfolded. Melissa is very gifted and experienced at what she does and does so in a loving, safe environment. It has helped me to have more faith and belief in myself and to trust my intuition. Throughout the treatment, I felt like I was held in love and could feel the presence of loved ones with me. I felt very safe with Melissa and had and have total trust in her. She comes from a beautiful place and this just oozes from her website and having read Melissa's own experience I knew I had to see her. I would totally recommend Melissa to others.

Katie Lathbury

Profund Difference

I have attended all of Melissa’s workshops and am currently undertaking her meditation and development class. I have always found Melissa’s teachings to be of a very high standard, ethical and her knowledge based information gathered from the highest source. From Melissa’s first meditation and development class, I have been able to practise meditations and techniques in my daily life and have been able to assess my life with and without meditation which in turn has made a profound difference in my spiritual path. I also credit this to Melissa’s sincere approach to providing easy to understand notes and step by step instructions in our weekly notes. These classes have confirmed for me that it is okay to be different and accept this. I have also been able to understand that full acceptance of oneself is not instant but with practice, you simply let go.

Elizabeth Romanelli

Amazing, Such a Relief

The tapping session that I had with Melissa went so well that I feel like a load has lifted in regards to me worrying about my son. It was truly amazing and such a relief. Just an incredible change in how I feel. Thank you.

Jenny Doyle


Meditation classes with Melissa are very empowering because she has given me tools and information to use every day to help with my issues or worries. Practicing Melissa's meditations has really given me clarity, motivation and strength to do the things I love and enjoy for myself!

Carla Smarrelli

Life Changing. Freedom!

The EFT sessions I did with Melissa have had a tangible life changing effect. I feel like there is a window of freedom that has opened in the life-long, personal battle. A struggle with myself and only until now have I been able to unlock the trigger. In my last EFT session, Melissa was able to drop me into a past life regression, where I embraced a major discovery. I found clarity and gripped the source of my inner struggle. A light poured through me, allowing an inner freedom. Freedom really is the perfect word for this technique. This tremendous effortless process can clear and heal. Melissa has taught me to use this tool independently and the results have been extraordinary.


Profound Difference

I saw Melissa to help me with my fear of public speaking. I have only had one EFT session with her and I am amazed at the change already. Since my session I have been required to talk with our staff groups (about 60 people) on a number of occasions these past two weeks, and whilst on one occasion I had some butterflies, I had no blushing or shaky voice - amazing. I also found I recovered from any nerves really quickly. Really quite a profound difference & I'm so grateful for Melissa's assistance! Anytime I'm feeling overwhelmed, I tap my fingers - it's very soothing - almost hypnotic.

Eve Power

So Many Benefits

I saw Melissa in relation to grief over the loss of my wife of 40 years and what I got out of my sessions, I am still benefitting from today. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone who feels "stuck" in life and wanting to improve any situations in their life. I was blown away by the forensic healing Melissa carried out on me and would absolutely recommend to everyone on a spiritual quest/journey of any kind to see Melissa and experience the same kind of uplift that I did. I have had the Past Life Regression and Forensic Healing and I will definitely be back to have the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression at a later stage. I can't speak highly enough of Melissa. Very professional and comfortable at the same time.

Ross Mitten

So Grateful

I 100% recommend Melissa to anybody who wants to change their life. I have had a lot of Hypnotherapy and PLR elsewhere and have not experienced anywhere near the results I did with Melissa. I felt a change instantly. I will continue to see Melissa in regards to other aspects of my life, given the immense benefits of my first few sessions. I was definitely blocking myself and now I am practising techniques Melissa gave to me and I am continually improving every day. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have found Melissa after what felt like decades of searching.

Krystal Mitten

Blew My Mind!

I had a quantum consciousness session with Melissa recently. I didn't know what to expect in the session but went in with an open heart. What happened during the session blew my mind. I received clarification about what I have been feeling I needed to do but haven't been doing. The session confirmed and reiterated what I had to do. I also received a beautiful healing and felt lots of positive energy during the session. It was really beautiful and something I will remember always. Another profound experience was that I had been coughing prior to that session for about 8 weeks. Towards the end of the session, I started coughing quite badly. However, after the session with Melissa, I felt a definite shift in my cough. Melissa Haymes is truly a rare find. She has a beautiful soothing voice and combines deep intuitive skill with good old fashioned professionalism. I am in awe with the manner in which she guides you into a deep relaxation and listening to her voice is really very calming. There is no airy fairy mucking around in her sessions. There is just good listening, deep understanding, lots of patience and great insight. I feel blessed to have met her and would recommend her without hesitation.

Sharan Jassal

I Feel Free!

I feel wonderful after my Past Life Regression. So many things make sense now. 24hrs later and my anxiety has already started to shift and in its place I can feel happiness - a sense of joy and enthusiasm for life that I haven't felt in such a long time. For the first time I am truly excited to see where the future takes me. My favourite part of my Past Life Regression was the releasing of all the pain and negative emotions that I have been carrying around my whole life. I feel free. Melissa made me feel very comfortable and was spot-on with what she said to me. I am so grateful for her holding space for me to heal and for guiding me through the process.

Jayme Youd

Simply Profound

My Life Between Lives Regression session was the most profound and informative therapy I have ever experienced. I have been actively engaged in self-development for the last 5 years and during that time I have had many experiences, but none as powerful as this. Having been hypnotised before, I went into the Life Between Lives Regression expecting adventure and insight. Armed with personal questions, I came out with a clear knowing and purpose. After the session, I was in a surreal dream-state. I slept soundly. I woke refreshed, revitalised and charged. I feel lighter. More focused. More aligned with what I need to do, when, why and what for. I’ve tapped into my internal knowing. My intuition is buzzing. I’m digesting more and more every day. Things I saw, felt, heard and was told, as well as the metaphysical and philosophical clarity. It is life changing!! I have a knowing now, of what to prioritise, why, and which roads I need to take. Melissa is caring, supportive, and professional, and I highly recommend her and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression to anyone who is seeking answers and insight. Melissa has my heartfelt thanks, love and gratitude for this tremendous experience. Sarah xx

Sarah Figgins

Fantastic Thank You

I joined the Intuitive You meditation development classes with Melissa. It was something that I had been wanting to do for quite some time, but there was nowhere I really knew of or trusted, to get this. I was really excited to hear that Melissa was going to be facilitating them. As a facilitator, Melissa is engaging, considerate and extremely intuitive, mindful of each individual in the room and very understanding of the fact that everybody may be different stages of their personal and spiritual growth and ensures everyone feels included. The time and effort she puts into preparing the class, delivering the class and giving us all homework is a true testament to her commitment to working with the class to develop their meditation skills.

I have truly enjoyed every single class. I have a number of things going on as we all do, and I wanted to learn how to quieten my mind easily, take a step back, breathe and then move forward! I also wanted to develop my intuition and learn to trust myself more. Melissa’s class has helped me achieve these personal goals, and much more! I have found myself having profound and deeply moving spiritual experiences, that I never realised possible! I feel that I am able to put difficult situations into perspective much sooner. I am also noticing that I am trusting myself and my decisions a lot more and I am feeling truly empowered!!! I am able to practice what I learn in my everyday life! A huge thank you to you, Melissa, it is truly a fantastic class that I really love coming to- you are an angel!

Cara Alessi

Aligned & Connected

Thank you, Melissa, for your professionalism, intuitive insight and caring manner. My life just got a whole lot better! I've noticed a stronger connection with my self this week, spiritual doubt gone, greater authority in claiming my 'knowing'. My human self-has felt much more in alignment with the deeper Self - clearer, more forgiveness, more energy, more positive and assertive with others if needed. The session has been a great help! Thank you so much.

James Hand

Life Changing!

I visited Melissa to find out more about more about my personality and to attempt to join the dots by visiting one of my past lives to be healed and finally find some peace. What I found was not only life changing, it was a tremendously positive experience which will impact my life significantly into the future. I felt very comfortable with Melissa. She facilitated the session fantastically with professionalism, and she helped me feel very at ease for my first regression accessing my soul. I will be certainly visiting Melissa again to continue on this journey of self-discovery and peace - Highly recommended! - Thanks Melissa


Calm & Relaxed

Melissa is passionate about sharing her wisdom through Kundalini Yoga. For me, Melissa’s focus on listening to my own body and working with what feels comfortable has been one of the most beneficial aspects of her classes. I have released and cleansed tension in my body, whilst mentally I feel relaxed and calm.


I feel very humble, peaceful and quiet within myself. It is a new beginning and a new path that I am embarking on. Knowing who my soul is and what I do in the Life Between Lives space. It’s given me a better understanding of who I am today and what my purpose is in life. Another fascinating aspect is seeing myself waiting for conception. It is remarkable!! Melissa is fabulous, she is so understanding and guides you right through to where you need to be. I can’t thank her enough for guiding me in this journey.

Tracey Vo ... Legal Recoveries Consultant

I had a valuable life-changing experience when I visited Melissa. I chose past life regression and feel this was extremely useful. With myself I felt that having an insight into why I was married to my ex-wife as well as knowing why I married her in this life too, has liberated me and lifted a weight from my shoulders. That was just one of many experiences that will stay with me due to having the session with Melissa. I would say to anyone that is serious about exploring the subject of past life regression, that Melissa is the person to see if you are seeking someone genuine, respectful and skilled.

Scott Dorman ... General Manager

A Positive Experience

I had a great experience with Melissa. Melissa was so easy to talk to and made me feel so at ease. My favourite part was exploring the messages and interpreting the meaning and connections of my past lives and seeing who and how I once was connected to others and visualising their existence. I would recommend Melissa 100%. Her positivity and her knowledge were amazing. Dusty.

Dusty Bebbington ... Teacher

Now Im Clear

Quantum Consciousness with Melissa was a profound experience of self-discovery through my own consciousness and expanded cosmic consciousness. Finding myself at one of the life's cross roads. I was unsure and hesitant, wanting clarification and validation of the choices I had been presented with, in order to move forward. Melissa, in her gentle and nurturing manner, expertly guided me within, tapping into my own personal wisdom and then forward through layers of consciousness. I received instant insight and recognition to all that I was intending. The journey between the layers was mystifying, surreal and magnificent. The awareness, clarity and transformation followed on for days after the session. The experience has given me an innate confidence and trust to dedicate myself to my true life's purpose. Everything has become so vividly clear! Melissa is a genuine light-worker who is passionate about healing. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone who needs a life changing experience. Sarah

Sarah Figgins

Im Now in My Power

I saw Melissa for a regression therapy session to receive help on taking back my power and understanding why I was attracting abuse in my life. In my session, I saw there was generational abuse. At the time I was in an abusive marriage. After the session I had with Melissa it was all so clear and one night when my husband came home I stood in my power. I stood up to him because I could see so clearly what was going on and where it was all coming from. Unfortunately he assaulted me, however, I stood in my power and left him. I have not looked back. Thanks to Melissa for her amazing work and for holding a loving space for me to unravel this whole mystery. I went back to Melissa for another session which was yet again very powerful. It has only been 24hrs and I have already made a decision which has been weighing on me for the last year. I am now finally standing in my power more than I have ever before. Past Life Regression therapy has been the most powerful work I have ever done on myself with the most dramatic and quick results.Thank you for shining your light Melissa xx


Thankyou Melissa

I recently experienced a breakout of rashes on my legs & arms which traditional medicine helped but did not heal. I knew I needed something else & Melissa recommended having an EFT session with her. After the first EFT session with Melissa, I noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my rashes. I no longer needed topical steroid application to deal with the itchiness! I continue to have a few more EFT sessions with Melissa as she guides me towards self healing in many different areas of my life. She is highly intuitive & truly gifted. I have benefited tremendously from her skills & knowledge. Thank you Melissa for your guidance, support, the easy way in which you communicate, and how comfortable you make me feel in every session that we have.

Sharan Jassal

Now I Know My Higher Self

After my Life Between Lives regression with Melissa, I finally understand what my "higher self" is.. Connecting with my higher self has allowed me to see things so differently. I'm able to let go of negative feelings about people and feel like I can understand things on a soul level more than just a human level. Thank you for opening my eyes to a lot of things. My LBL sessions kicked things into a higher gear for me spiritually.

Lisa Allen

Amazing! Changed My Life

My Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions with Melissa were amazing. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I was subconsciously carrying issues from childhood into my adult life, which I was not aware of. Performing EFT allowed me to recognise why I was behaving the way that I was and how it had been ruling my life. Once it was released, I felt a sense of freedom. It’s amazing how the issue completely vanished to the point where I can’t remember it. I feel empowered with my life. I now move forward with awareness and gratitude. Thanks to you Melissa.

Sina Smarrelli

Balanced, Relaxed & Calm

I have been a student of Melissa’s yoga workshops for just over two years now – testament to her amazing teaching skills! Melissa is passionate about sharing her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wisdom through Kundalini Yoga. For me Melissa’s focus on listening to my own body and working with what feels comfortable has been one of the most beneficial aspects of her classes. She has taught me the balance between making an effort and putting myself under pressure – an important balance that I have now been able to adapt to my life in general. Leaving each class I feel I have released and cleansed tension in my body, whilst mentally I feel relaxed and calm. I would highly recommend Melissa’s yoga workshops to anyone interested in any aspect of yoga.

Sarah Figgins

So Much Peace

Melissa, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You are a gorgeous soul and your phone call and emails mean a lot. I am starting to feel more at peace than I have ever been before. The more people that try EFT and Hypnotherapy the better! I can't say enough positive stuff about it! It's great!


Mental & Emotional Balance

Melissa's yoga workshops provide a very positive and uplifting space for me in the business of my week. From her classes, I gain the obvious benefit of greater physical flexibility and strength, but more importantly for me are the benefits of mental and emotional balance.

Jeff Figgins

Inner Strength & Power

I was guided to see Melissa at a time when my life felt tremendously blocked and the same patterns were repeating themselves over and over again. I had spent quite a number of years working towards freeing myself from my shackles but really felt like I had hit a wall. What I was looking for was someone to assist me in moving forward, breaking free and taking me to the next level of self-empowerment. What I found was Melissa, and thank the universe that I did!

What was obvious, from the moment I met Melissa, was her passion for helping people to live their true nature and purpose, a full and happy life and to be free. She has a warmth about her that is comforting, a serenity that is calming and an inner strength and power that is intoxicating. From the moment I sat down with her, I knew she was going to guide me to move forward in my life.

I have had both Past Life Regression Therapy with Melissa and Forensic Healing. Each time she has taken me to places, on a psychic level, that I never thought possible. Her intuition is incredible, using it to refine your questions/intentions so that they are perfectly clear. Through her expertise, she helped me to realise and release ancient patterns, pains, curses and burdens. Each time I have had a session with Melissa I have left freer, stronger, wiser and greater than when I arrived.

The most significant impact I can see, to myself, from the sessions with Melissa, is the inner peace I now have. It is a sense of peace I have searched for my entire life. I also feel an inner strength and power that I used to so desperately seek externally – as a workaholic and 'helper' in my private life. I also have a sense of freedom from the 'weight' I felt I'd been carrying my whole life. I am more confident in laying down my boundaries and upholding them, speaking up for myself, saying "no", walking away from people who I need to walk away from and all while maintaining my integrity, sanity and inner strength.

Each session brings something to light, releases the old and makes way for the new. I have never been anything but amazed and energised after working with Melissa and for months afterwards shifts continue to occur, patterns continue to shift and I just keep getting closer to my truth. Thank you, Melissa.

Claudia Buttazzoni ... Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)


I am just so amazed at the profound change the past life regression has made. Being here and being present, and I particularly notice it when I am talking to people. So nice to be in my own skin and sense that there is no longer this shadow/presence holding me back. Thank you.


Simply Life Changing

With Melissa I had the opportunity to undertake a life between lives regression. It was quite simply the most remarkable experience that I have ever had not withstanding my own personal relationships with my family. The insights that were given and obtained will shape my life for the remainder of it. Life changing is a phrase that is often used, in this case, it was certainly the case in the fullest sense of the word.

I feel that if you are at the right time in your life and have genuine intent in mind, that undertaking this process will offer the answers to what you seek. I take the view that this sort of experience will only show the individual what they need to know. So with that being said if I person is genuinely interested in the depths of their heart then the results can be quite transforming.

I found Melissa to be wonderful. She is a wealth of knowledge and I can testify that I felt that at all times she had my best interests at heart. Therefore it is without hesitation that I recommend her to anyone who honestly feels that they want to do this. I take the opportunity to echo the sentiments of the other testimonials on this site and give her five stars for giving me the opportunity to experience this. I will be forever grateful for the rest of my life. Thank you Melissa, Scott Dorman.

Scott Dorman ... General Manager