Unleashing the Power of Your Mind – Get Clean Get Clear

“By conquering your mind, you can conquer the world”. Guru Nanak

Your mind is a powerful tool. It helps you create your dreams, manifest your ideas and enjoy life. Success, happiness and the flow of prosperity are the result of mastering your mind.

But did you know that your mind exists to serve your soul? When your mind is controlled, clean and focused, you are aligned to your soul and purpose in life.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. If left uncontrolled you become emotional, erratic, judgmental and attached. You allow every thought that enters your mind to control you, both positive and negative. You are unable to distinguish what is real and unreal. This then creates conflict, negative experiences, judgments and more.

What are some of the basic characteristics of the mind?

  1. The mind is automatic – it is fast, flooding you with thoughts both wanted and unwanted. Not all thoughts support you. Your mind thinks, not you.
  2. The mind never stops. In your mind you have thoughts and feelings from the entire universe and every other person. If you believe every thought to be true about yourself, you end up depressed, sad and basically a mess! It’s not necessarily your thought! Something to ponder.
  3. Your mind is a stream of thoughts, impressions and reactions.
  4. The mind seeks contrasts, good and bad, positive and negative. It always seeks to compare.

So how do you develop a relationship with your mind and allow it to serve you? It’s time to clean out your subconscious garbage, get clear and become intuitive.

1. Meditation

Meditation cleanses and balances the mind. It releases and clears the subconscious layers to reveal your true self, developing intuition and inner peace. With meditation your subconscious programming, habits and conditions are cleaned and re-organised in a way that reflects your soul. Meditation is like having a spring clean of your mind, cleaning out the garbage that no longer serves. This in turn allows you to see things clearly and accurately.

Kundalini Yoga meditations are specifically designed to do just that. Try out this month’s meditation to clear your energy and melt away negativity.

2. Mantra

Chanting a mantra mentally or verbally acts to cut off negative thoughts, elevate your vibration and connect you to your soul. Mantras help you re-focus your thought process, change your mood and elevate your energy. Listen to a mantra playing softly while you sleep at night to cleanse your subconscious deeply.

3. Yoga

Yoga means union, union with your divine true self. Yoga works on cleansing and developing your energy body, chakras, mind and more. It brings harmony and peace, creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Try Kundalini Yoga or Hatha Yoga.

4. Breathe

You can change the way you think and feel by changing your breath. When you are stressed with negative thoughts flooding your mind, the breath becomes shallow, quick and erratic. To calm the mind and emotions the breath needs to be slow and deep.  Take a moment now to observe your breath, the inflow and the outflow. Are you breathing quickly or slowly? Consciously slow your breath down. When your mind begins to wander bring your attention back to your breath.

5. Write about it

To get those persistent negative thoughts and feelings out of your system, write about it. If you feel angry or hurt by someone, write them a letter. Let it rip! Say whatever you like, get it out of your system, no holding back. Next burn the letter! Destroy it with a prayer, releasing it into the ethers forever without harming any one. You will feel an instant relief.

6. Get out!

Get out, exercise and spend time in nature. Move your body and get some fresh air. Ask mother nature to clear your mind, your energy and thoughts. You will feel the shift.

7. Hypnotherapy

Cleanse your subconscious and change the patterns that are holding you back with the power of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy helps you uncover what is keeping you trapped in a particular way of thinking, habit, addiction and more. To create permanent change, you need to get to the deeper layers of the subconscious mind. Why is it that someone may try to give up smoking over and over again and never succeed? There is a belief stored in their subconscious which keeps them trapped in the need to smoke over and over again. Unless you release and change that belief, the physical manifestation of that belief i.e. smoking, continues to play out. This is true for addictions, low self esteem, failure, phobias and more. Releasing and healing this at a subconscious level, helps to create permanent positive change. Loving it! To learn more about hypnotherapy click here.

8. Get Tapping

Tap away your negative thoughts and emotions by learning Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is so easily to learn anyone can do it. EFT taps into the subconscious layers to clear negative beliefs, habits, emotions and more. To learn more click here. 

In summary your mind is your friend. Take action today and become aware of its magnificence and power. Know that you have control and it’s time to take back your power to create peace and happiness in your life.

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